Effective Metaphors For Children: A Resource for Therapists, Parents and Teachers

Effective Metaphors For Children: A Resource for Therapists, Parents and Teachers

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Author: Allegra Etheridge

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 160

Publisher: Write Film Edit

Release Date: 01-05-2017

Details: Perhaps you know a child who would benefit from increased self-confidence - who wants to overcome being bullied or to manage their anger. They may be bed-wetting - or have moved house and are adjusting to change. They could be struggling with bereavement or illness. Just as each child is unique, so the forty metaphorical stories in this book address a wide range of issues which are unique to children.

The book can be used:
- in the therapeutic environment
- by teachers as a discussion tool at school
- by parents at home, as a bed-time story

'Effective Metaphors for Children' aims to support a child to feel understood and empowered to bring about their own emotional good health and resilience.
“A delightful source-book of child-friendly metaphors which (hypno) therapists and teachers will love! The lightness of touch with trickier topics such as bereavement and differently parented families makes this perfect for school use.  In the classroom, it would be very versatile since a metaphor could be used to introduce a discussion, or to round off a discussion, or simply told as a story for the child to interpret in whichever way seemed right for them.'

- Lynda Hudson, author of 'Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children'

'This thought provoking collection of metaphors will fire children’s imagination and nurture a positive mental outlook on life.  Allegra’s use of language is accessible to children and increases their self-awareness, while gently challenging negative fixed beliefs.  Emotional intelligence is a key ingredient to a child’s future success and ‘Effective Metaphors for Children’ supports this development in an original way.'

- Dr Michelle Clubb, Educational Psychologist, PhD

***Please note that there are 40 unique metaphors in this book, 21 of which are duplicated into male and female versions. The reasons for this are: a) the different versions can

Languages: English