Effective Metaphors for Hypnotherapy

Effective Metaphors for Hypnotherapy

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This inspirational book provides readers with forty fresh new metaphors

Each hypnotic metaphor has been trialled in the therapeutic environment  to positively address a variety of universal goals.

Tayma Wallbridge is an experienced hypnotherapist and Allegra Etheridge is a writer and editor. Both have honours degrees in Psychology. Together, they have created this engaging and effective collection which will prove useful to hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals as well as for people interested in owning a collection of uplifting stories.

***Please note that there are 40 unique metaphors in this book, 24 of which are duplicated into male and female versions. The reasons for this are: a) the different versions can be read to men and women to make the stories more tailored to the subconscious minds of the client b) some therapists are able to read and convert e.g. 'himself' to 'herself' - 'brother' to 'sister' and so forth as they read, others are not, so both versions are provided c) having both versions means that book is accessible for those people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia.***

Author: Allegra Etheridge

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 117

Publisher: Write Film Edit

Release Date: 15-03-2015

Languages: English