The Happiness Code: Complete Book and Audio Hypnotherapy Program
The Happiness Code: Complete Book and Audio Hypnotherapy Program

The Happiness Code: Complete Book and Audio Hypnotherapy Program

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Author: Rick Smith HPD

Number Of Pages: 142


What's getting you down?

You know what happiness feels like. You see it all around you, so why can’t you feel like that, all the time?

We can’t control much of what happens to us; the world is a complicated place. But we can control our response to the world, the way we position ourselves, and our outlook on the present and the future.

Time to cheer up!

Too many of us settle for simply numbing out in order to escape from real life for a while. We seek comfort in what’s available to us:

  • We watch TV because it distracts us, absorbs us in to a different place for a little while, and shuts the door on everyday thoughts and struggles.
  • Maybe we drink. Some of us eat sweet things to give ourselves a sugar rush, but it doesn’t last, and it’s not real. 
  • Some people get their happiness from family or friends, but not all of us have that luxury, for whatever reason.

So how do we get happy? It’s our human right, after all.

Free your mind

This book includes three brand new hypnosis sessions which will guide you to a different place, where you can reconnect with the essence of life, and rediscover the short route to happiness that’s currently eluding you. You can record them yourself or download my audio versions. Full instructions are included.

Why not pause your hectic life for a while, and contemplate the things that really matter to you, things that get forgotten in the daily chaos?

Or simply float, and think about nothing at all.

Make that change today

Each of the three sessions combines a deep and relaxing hypnotic state with a guided journey to a place of calm contemplation and clear thought.

Session 1 - Smile

Does happiness make you smile, or does smiling make you happy? This first session will open your mind to the way your happiness works, where it comes from, and the physical and chemical changes that happen in your body and mind, and which you can - remarkably - control, once you know how.

Session 2 - Release

Happiness flows freely when emotional blockages are removed. The second session guides you to a place of tranquility where you can let go the multitude of daily challenges and trivialities which obstruct your path to happiness. You’ll learn to take a step back, gain new perspective, and release the tethers which keep you anchored to old thinking.

Session 3 - Ascend

You normally use only a fraction of your brain, which limits your emotional freedom, putting happiness just beyond your reach. This third session will train you to open your mind, find new answers to old questions, and discover new possibilities that can carry you towards a better way to be. Once you learn to use your hidden powers, true happiness can be found in new ways of feeling.

These Happiness Code recordings can be used anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel the need to press pause for an hour.

There are no introductions or debriefs to distract you. Simply find a quiet place, put on your headphones, and immerse yourself in a new hypnotic experience.

You'll succeed with hypnosis

This program will work better and faster if you're confident with hypnosis. If you've tried it in the past, and feel that it worked for you, you should be fine. If this is your first time, I recommend you complete my two short training recordings before you set to work on your new mission.

All you have to do is relax!


Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 07-05-2019

EAN: 9781097295319

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