Hypnotic Healing: the power of hypnotherapy

  • How to overcome anxiety

    You have all the resources and knowledge needed to live a happy and worry-free life. These resources might be hidden beneath a veil of fear and negativity, but they are waiting to be discovered – and through the relaxing process of hypnotherapy, you can find them and begin to create the kind of life you choose.

    Read this article to discover strategies known to reduce anxiety – see which ones resonate with you, put them into practice and give yourself a chance to become the tranquil happy person you truly are.

  • Facing up to addiction with solution-focused hypnotherapy

    Addiction occurs just as much to certain kinds of behaviour as it does to drugs, alcohol and other substances. If a 'need', whether it is for a substance or behaviour, is slipping out of our control, then we are at risk of addiction.

    According to the NHS, two million people in the United Kingdom alone are dealing with an addiction.

  • How to prepare for your stop-smoking hypnotherapy session

    So you have decided to stop smoking, that is good! Your lungs and wallet will thank you. In fact, your whole body will – smoking is a key cause of so many nasty illnesses that listing them all would fill this entire article. Most of us realise that smoking is bad for our physical health, but are you aware that depression, anxiety and an increased risk of schizophrenia have all been linked to cigarettes?
  • Three wise monkeys?

    We are all familiar with the three wise monkeys that see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. However, we are more likely to be heeding the advice of three less helpful simians – the monkeys of anxiety, anger and depression.
  • Out of the shadows: overcoming depression with hypnotherapy

    Depression is a common illness; one in ten people will suffer from it at some point in their lives. It can affect children too; studies suggest that nearly one in twenty children of school age have symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Hypnotherapy and the journey to a stress-free life: ten strategies to help you process stress

    Discover ten strategies to help you process stress and improve the quality of your life.